Why do some people say that archers are scum, the weak. Are they people who are afraid to get dirty or just afraid to fight like some say or are they the saviors. I believe they are the strong, the wise and definitely very important to any army.  They can decimate any rank, they are used to scare and separate the troops by drawing them out and separating the forces.  Although the fear factor is not the same as in the middle ages, today the fear is more hit points…but the goal is the same. Archers are now the elite, skirmishers or part of the deep infantry.

Larp Fiberglass Horsebow

Larp Fiberglass Horsebow

Be careful what bows you bring to a live action role play event, they must follow all the safety measures implemented by your favorite event.  Certain Larp bows are constructed with safety in mind and come with an accredited CE worldwide certification.  These bows have a limited draw strength and come in a range styles and lengths, each one with their own specific use.

The Short Bow

The Larp short bow is a short range weapon perfect for the woodsman or the skirmisher.  Perfect because of its length it allows the archer to duck down and remain partially camouflaged while retaining firing capability. A perfect weapon for ambushing or used to outflank the troops.

The Medium Bow

The Larp medium bow is perfect as reinforcement behind the troops, used to fire over or around the army on the enemy.  This action forces the opposing army to raise the shields in defence further weakening the troops and opening a path of attack.  Seasoned archers are needed to effect proper strategies, a hail of arrows to shower the enemy never hurts.

The Long Bow

The long bow or composite bow is a long range weapon. Although in medieval times this was an efficient bow today it has major a weakness.  The piercing power behind medieval longbows are what made it a formidable weapon, the effectiveness is negated with draw strength limitations. The length prevents tight combat formations but still are a very effective weapon in the right hands.

Always be careful when using any bows, remember to inspect your weapon before each use and never use a damaged bow.

This article will attempt to describe to you the main difference between Latex Weapons and Foam Weapons.  Please take note that this is one mans explanation and not scientific truth.  

In 2000 a buddy of mine and I using knowledge from known special effects artists developed a type of weapon never seen before in Larps.  We developed foam injected swords using fiberglass molds and producing then in small quantities exclusively for our guild Bestarius, for an event called Bicolline.  Our first tests proved successful, so much so that if careers did not get our way I believe that i would be still producing them today.  We used a soft foam coated in a nanothane rubber finish producing a super smooth and tear resistant sword. It was heavier than the regular swords but that is what we wanted.

Latex Dagger

The advantage of a foam injected sword is its durability to abrasion and its resemblance to the typical weight of a medieval weapon.  The problems are inconsistency of the quality of the foam, the limited models due to the molds one must make to produce it.  Some do not like the weight of the weapons complaining that this adds to the force of impact and limits the rapidity of the weapon during combat.  The look is also compromised because the weapon exits the mold in its final shape and finish.  Only paint is applied but nothing can be done to hide slight imperfections.  To overcome the roughness on the hilt and pommel, the producers decided to create a separate mold made from a polymer which increased its weight even more. The other main problem is the rigidity of the foam.  When produced in small quantities and using mixing cups the foam is never produced the same resulting in different densities and quality of the final product.  The other problem is the evacuation of the air bubbles again resulting in inconsistency of the foam.

Latex weapons also have their weaknesses but also have their advantages.  They are lighter and faster, can be shaped to and desired style and length and can be colored and smoothed to the desired texture.  Each latex weapon is unique due to the fact that they must be hand made and laminated together.  The weakness is the what makes the sword look real, the latex.  Properly maintained it could easily last years however it does not have the durability of the foam injected weapon, as the foam weapon simply wears down where the latex breaks through to the foam.  Typically this weapon inflicts less bodily harm to the opponent and gives an edge over the foam injected weapon due to its weight.


Some LARP’s have started banning foam injected swords when they became too hard and too heavy.  I believe that  the weight changed little but the newer oval fiberglass core introduced in 2010 made the weapon dangerous.  The normal round fiberglass core gives flexibility to the blade helping to absorb the force of the impact.  In the case of the oval rod only the foam absorbs the impact, which i believe created an inherent danger to this weapon.  The increased streamlining of the blade to give it realism offers no comfort and increases the density to the foam which absorbs little then the rod almost nothing.  Think of the aero chocolate bar, the bubbles in the middle are big where the bubble on the sides are small, the same goes for the foam injected swords.  Due to lack of proper vacuuming to release the bubbles, the edges to the blades are hard.

In the case of Latex weapons, the foam is cut from industrial foam made for sporting equipment then sanded into shape.  They smooth down the edges then coat them latex.  This process ensures consistency in the bubbles and making sure t at the edges absorb the impact as well as the round fiberglass core.  An added protection is the kevlar tip that foam injected swords do not offer.

One must try both to decide, some like light weapons and some like realistic weapons, personally i think its a game we are playing and since we are not out to injure anyone why go for the heavy one.

Larp Leather Gauntlets

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New to our collection, leather gauntlets have been around since larping began.  The pretty much do the same as any other gauntlet out there but what did you expect?  Without sounding too bias to our products i just have to say that these gauntlets kick-ass!  Made from hardened leather each gauntlet is sold separately so you can personalize your look the way you see fit. These gauntlets are Larp and SCA ready and are available in one size only.

Larp and SCA ready leather gauntlet

Basically all of our products are hand made and these leather gauntlets are no exception.  The cross stitching  adds a little class to this already beautiful piece. The articulations between the  wrist and thumb plates are made of soft leather and stitched together. The cuff opens up, allowing you to easy fit your hand through.  When worn with a glove this gauntlet looks even better.

Any character can use these gauntlets. Whether you are a fighter, rogue or a thief you will enjoy the comfort and protection gauntlets have to offer.  Since the underbelly is open it allows you to keep a firm grip on your weapon while giving you the protection you need. The shell will protect you from hard blows without hindering movement.

At Epic Armoury Canada we know what you need because we are fanatics just like you.  Our products were designed by Larpers for Larpers.

To some Larping is a children’s game where nerds and geeks gather to live out fantasies of things they cannot do in real live because they are chickens.  Well in fact those people are not that far off from the truth, live action role playing provides what the world doesn’t…absolute freedom of expression without prejudice.

Even with the millions of restrictions to class, religion and races, we, as part of that larp society somehow learn to cope, adapt and thrive within that world. Something not easily attained in today’s democratic and capitalistic society.  Being in the Larping business for over 20 years I learned a long time ago that we are more passionate about this world than the outside world.

Dark Warrior Armor

Dark Warrior Armor

I speak for myself when i say that i am proud to be a larper and i love it when i see the gleam in the eyes of other passionate people, no matter the universe.  If you take a close look at anyone posing for a picture, no matter how geeky the costume is, there is a sense of immense pride.  You can see that this attention that they are getting is a sort of ego boost. As the first Greek tragedy actors found out over 2000 years ago, when you wear a mask, the true nature of the character is exposed and the actor becomes falsely liberated to perform. A costume in today’s events allows us to do the same. The only difference is that we wear these costumes to allow our true selves to be set free.

How many of us can say that we are not afraid of showing this childish side outside of larping? I would suspect very few would wear these costumes to your everyday job but if you could the freedom you would experience would be tremendous. The only constrictions you feel in larping is how tight your armor or corset is.  Most of us like to make our own costumes, which is just fine, and trust me not everyone should…but what would these events be if we began to censor.  I believe that those who want to make their armors, weapons, clothing or anything else…just go right ahead and have fun.  Let your imagination run wild.  Enjoy the moment when you experience the raw passion, showcasing your creation for the first time.

Medieval Clothing is the most essential part of any larp costume and is often neglected. In the past Larp clothing was expensive to purchase and not everyone wanted to place good money on clothing that wears out. Well we have terrific news for you. We at Epic Armoury Canada  care about making your fantasy come alive in a price conscious way. Our clothing was design to withstand the rigors of Larp life, and one should not be afraid to throw himself in the mud or to escape through the woods.

Black Elven Tunic

Our select line of medieval fantasy role playing clothing ( larp) is not only cost efficient but is great quality for your buck. You will find a wide range of larp medieval clothes and accessories made from the finest cotton or wool. Some of our larp clothing has a soft liner for added comfort or is adorned with beautiful stitching to enhance your fantasy role playing look. Reenforced stitching combined with quality materials equals long lasting medieval fantasy clothing that will last you for seasons to come.

Whether you are looking to hide using our Medieval hood, medieval cloak, medieval cape or if you just want to play a simple peasant wearing our medieval pants, medieval shirts, medieval tunics, we have what you need. And for you ladies what damsel could go without our medieval dresses, medieval women shirts or women medieval vests.

We use mostly cotton on all our garments. Why you ask?  Easy, because cotton breaths, is very comfortable to wear and is very resistant. You need comfort when attending any larp because you all know how long we actually keep the clothes on our backs…lets admit it…our wives scrape them off us when we get home.  But there is one thing that we maight wan you when purchasing our clothing…never, i mean never put any piece of clothing in the dryer unless you are a dwarf.  Extreme shrinkage will occur…

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For those of you out there that do not know, Larp means Live action Role Playing. Larping is a kind of interactive interpretative theater in a controlled setting. A small staff follows an ever changing storyline that guide player characters along on epic journeys, twisting the scenarios till the players get to the original goal. It doesn’t always go that way but its supposed to.

During these events battles ensue and a variety of weapons are used.  Right now i wan to talk about Latex throwing knives and weapons in general. Most player characters do not own hurling weapons, this is probably because they are associated to cowards or thieves. I believe that they are sadly overlooked by most warriors and should be included in all costumes. They can and will save your characters life and you don’t know it yet. They can be carried in holders or concealed which i recommend if you are good. A thief would carry several on him, sometimes in the double digits. They can be used in self defense or in attack situations where reaction time is a factor.

Latex Throwing Knife

Latex Throwing Knife

Epic Armoury Canada has a wide range of throwing weapons made from a soft foam coated in latex. What makes these weapons safe to throw is the fact that there is no hard core and is light weight. This safety feature is necessary seeing that you will hurl the weapon at an opponent at close proximity. Keep in mind that you normally do not have a chance to aim before you throw because when you use it you were most probably ambushed or targeted for assassination.

Although they are often found in the possession of thieves, assassins and the like, this does not mean they should be the only ones to use them. Lets face it, they are usually the least armored and require the least amount of effort to kill them. Usually one hit and they are down, if they are not they will probably be seriously wounded. A throwing knife can be easily concealed any where on the body and is usually placed in an area where it can be quickly drawn.A quick draw could mean the difference between the life and death of your character.

They could also get you out of sticky situations, for example, if you are bound or gagged. Certain situations during any Larp call for small concealed weapons. Although useful they are perceived as an open threat when spotted, sometimes more than a sword. It seems that these small weapons are associated to death when drawn, and since they are always found in the hands of scoundrels he who carries it also carries the burden associated to thieves, liars and beggars.

Whatever your class or alignment, i strongly suggest that you carry at least one throwing weapon on you at all times…but you don’t have to listen jut to me.

At Epic Armoury Canada a large emphasis is placed on safety, for we all know accidents do happen from time to time, especially when in close quarter combats. A CE certification is placed on all our products indicating our high safety standards.

Foam Latex War Scythe

Foam Latex War Scythe

We get so much positive feed back from our brand and so few returns that you need not worry if your weapon will perform. If you do have a problem there are several representatives across Canada that can help you. We deal with problems on a case to case process, dealing with every case personally.  Most problems are misuse or abuse, not knowing how to maintain and store your weapon is almost as important on how you use it.

All of our products receive the same attention to detail and safety.  When creating a product esthetics are as much a concern as functionality when in combat. Based in Denmark a superb design team and masters in the art of special effects, costume design and weapons work tirelessly and passionately to provide you with the best product for your money. Of coarse they themselves are larpers like you, freaks of anything geeky and out of the ordinary.  That is why you get original designs in a wide range of products.

We hope to provide you with the full range of larp products and strive to become the one stop shop for all you costuming needs