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Latex Larp weapons have been readily available for purchase for last 15 years, but since the first generation of weapons manufacturers have since perfected their arts and are now creating more safe and visually stunning pieces to help the avid larper immerse himself in his character.  Some companies in particular have rapidly accelerated this development […]

Touch and Hit…the Larp miss!

Posted: 12th June 2013 by Epic Armoury blog in Larp Weapons
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Some of you out there seem to not quite grasp the surreal world of Larping when it comes to the attack. Although weapons have gone a long way in the sense of durability and security, we believe that weapons are indestructible and hitting as hard we can has become common.  Although there is some truth […]

This article will attempt to describe to you the main difference between Latex Weapons and Foam Weapons.  Please take note that this is one mans explanation and not scientific truth.   In 2000 a buddy of mine and I using knowledge from known special effects artists developed a type of weapon never seen before in […]

To some Larping is a children’s game where nerds and geeks gather to live out fantasies of things they cannot do in real live because they are chickens.  Well in fact those people are not that far off from the truth, live action role playing provides what the world doesn’t…absolute freedom of expression without prejudice. […]

For those of you out there that do not know, Larp means Live action Role Playing. Larping is a kind of interactive interpretative theater in a controlled setting. A small staff follows an ever changing storyline that guide player characters along on epic journeys, twisting the scenarios till the players get to the original goal. […]