Is larping a Fad?

Posted: 19th March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Uncategorized
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Inspirational larp characters

There are some that say that larping is a fad, a flash in the pants played by sissies. I say come and try it and you will see that we are here to stay.  I’ve been in the business and I have seen a steady growth in the industry, but the last five years was the largest so far. Larping is fast becoming the favorite outdoor event amongst geeks and thrill seekers. It is an event that a parent can bring his teenager to and enjoy together.  Larping is not too far off coslay, the only main difference is that we do not base ourselves on comic book characters rather a mix between fantasy and reality. Although there is some crossover between the two, larpers mainly focus on one main character while a cosplayer will seek to create a new character at every event.  But we have the same goal…the uniqueness of our character.

Larping started with a large following of mostly historical nature and confined themselves to the medieval period, but times have changed. With the advent of hyper fantasy medieval films such as Conan and the Lord of the Rings, larping drew upon the imagination of these fantasy worlds and developed a huge range of realms. The funny part i that it seems that there is almost a family tree that can be drawn stemming from the roots that interconnect all larps. The essence of this culture resides in the gaming community and the fertile imagination of Gary Gygax, a pioneer and icon in the gaming community. Almost every larp tries to be better than the next, developing a different style of game, developing its own rules and imaginative settings.

There is no sign that this game is going anywhere but up. Costuming used to be rare and expensive but now it is more accessible to all, and the same goes for Larps. Every now and then I will hear of a new Larp starting up, and even though I think there are enough in certain areas, I am proved wrong.  I truly believe there is no age or discrimination in Larping, I have seen it all, from 6 – 72 years old, in a wheel chair, from nerd to lawyer.  Some go to get out of their shell (as a kind of therapy), some to fight (For the exercise) and some go and relax, to get a break from life. To resign one’s self to the game is easy, just think of the event as a dream, where you are the main character and focus on the moment and the setting in which you are.  The rest happens all by itself.

With the advent of video games and the internet, visions of far off worlds fantasy came easy.  And more and more big budget movies allow us to immerse ourselves into certain types of characters.  The way i see it if the movie and video game industry has noticed that the key to success is through imagination then why would larping ever become a fad.

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