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Posted: 8th March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Larp Armor
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Larping armor can sometimes be cumbersome and heavy but adventurers are more than eager to wear it in battle. They are usually willing to go through hell to look good, but sometimes they take total disregard to safety, their own and to others. Remember that this is a game and safety is of the utmost importance.  Not only can you cut and bruise yourself if the armor is badly made but you can also do it to others and ruin other adventurers equipment. Don’t let wearing medieval armor go to your head, you might feel invincible but the armor might not want to bend the way you want to.  A good way to avoid injury is by wearing a good padded gambeson. The padding will prevent injury and remove some of the weight.

The Medieval Warrior

The Medieval Warrior

Most people do not know but armor has a specific length easily determined by ones-self. The length of the breast plate should be no longer than 2 inches below the navel (belly button). This prevents the armor to suddenly rise up and hit you under the chin when in a crouched position.  No gambeson or padding will prevent getting hurt, and trust me it hurts, a long time ago I learned the hard way. Another thing you need to consider is the distance between the two arms, to small not enough protection, to large restriction of movement. A quick and easy way to figure this out is by extending your arms out in front of you and placing you palms together.  Get someone to measure the distance between your arms and add a maximum of one inch.  You will see that the gap is real small and this is normal. It is a common misconception that armor should cover the complete chest.

Remember to always check your armor before and after each event. Check and fix loose rivets on the plates and sharp edges along the ridges. Sweat really damages armor, more than most people know. Apply mink oil to all leather parts and coat the inside of your armor with oil or paint.

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