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Quebec Larps, a major issue…

Posted: 29th March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Inside Larping
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I had a conversation with Ludovic Letellier from les Chroniques D’Aeon. A local Quebec Larp chapter, who asked me a simple question that made me think a lot. I realized that we will soon reach a limit of the number of plots of land very soon. Everyone knows that there is a huge increase in […]

Is larping a Fad?

Posted: 19th March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Uncategorized
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There are some that say that larping is a fad, a flash in the pants played by sissies. I say come and try it and you will see that we are here to stay.  I’ve been in the business and I have seen a steady growth in the industry, but the last five years was […]

An idea for the Dark Arts….

Posted: 15th March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Larp Costumes
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We all know for a fact that any character participating in the dark arts known as witchcraft can never show their true nature or be caught carrying pertinent information with them. They dare not show their true colors to the people in the village or arouse suspicion. The fact that they dabble in the arts […]

Why doesn’t my armor fit well…

Posted: 8th March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Larp Armor
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Larping armor can sometimes be cumbersome and heavy but adventurers are more than eager to wear it in battle. They are usually willing to go through hell to look good, but sometimes they take total disregard to safety, their own and to others. Remember that this is a game and safety is of the utmost […]

What to Consider when going to a LARP

Posted: 2nd March 2014 by Epic Armoury blog in Inside Larping
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To properly insert yourself into a medieval fantasy role, you will need to wear the appropriate costume.  This will range from the entry level, or beginners equipment, made from old or recycled clothing to the more elaborate bought costumes made from top end suppliers.  Clothing needs will vary from season to season and character to […]