Latex Larp weapons have been readily available for purchase for last 15 years, but since the first generation of weapons manufacturers have since perfected their arts and are now creating more safe and visually stunning pieces to help the avid larper immerse himself in his character.  Some companies in particular have rapidly accelerated this development and have taken leaps forward in the safety of potentially dangerous weapons. Epic Armoury is such a company, each of their larp weapons have received a CE certification, which stipulates that it passes all safety tests according to what the weapon was designed for.

Safety First!

Safety First!

Every aspect of a particular weapon is analyzed then tested over a 3 month period. Scrutinized by the design team, the latex weapon is then put to the test and used the way it was intended.  The weapon is subjected to tests such as the poke or jab test, simulating an attack on an opponent to see if the fiberglass rod will poke through the Kevlar and pierce the foam and latex.  The guard and the pommel get pulled and tugged to try to tear it from the shaft as if in real hand to hand combat.  Once they pass all the tests it is sent into production.

Safety is a real concern in larps, several companies out there produce products designed for intensive use and simulate real weight. Unlike these companies Epic Armoury produces weapons intended for larpers of all ages, regardless if they are armored or shirtless, these weapons will not injure, bruise or break any part of your anatomy.  The reality is that during larp’s it is the touch that counts, not how hard you hit the person.  Safety is a must because not to many larp’s have pricy insurances to cover their events.

Although the rapid advance in weapon safety amongst parents are still concerned when they see their kids whacking themselves with toy swords. That is why we developed an entire line of weapons that deal with their concerns.  The RFB brand of weapons are made for children who cannot control themselves during battle.  RFB stands for Ready For Battle. We inserted a thinner fiberglass core that is more flexible and will absorb greater impacts thus lessening the blow. Of coarse the Kevlar tip is there also, in case of accidental thrusting of the weapon. One must clearly explain to his child the importance of a controlled combat situation. In any combat the parent must show the child how to control his/her hits on the opponent by simulating the real weight of the weapon. It is easy to whack at someone uncontrollably but it is another  to pretend that the weapon is much heavier thus moves slower and makes aiming counts. A simple rule of thumb is to make sure the tip of the sword swings past the swordsman’s shoulder at every hit, slowing down the battle and making it easier to focus on your opponents weak spots.

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