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Posted: 1st March 2013 by Epic Armoury blog in Larp Armor
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The importance of wearing the appropriate metal armor makes all the difference in the world.  The ancient art of professional armor making is still reserved for the wealthy.  A properly fitted armor made by a master will feel as though you are wearing almost nothing…except if you do not consider the extreme weight. Finding the perfect armor online is near next to impossible, they are all made to fit most anyone and the major emphasis is put on design and not functionality.  Do not get me wrong,  you can wear them and they do seem comfortable enough, but they hardly compare to the made to measure works made by the masters.

Larp armor has both design and functionality. They are made tough and usually have a fantastic style that will appeal to most anyone. Epic Armoury Canada is one such company.  They carry a wide selection of armor parts that mix and match together to give you the most attractive armor that is battle ready and safe to use.  There should be no difference in functionality between fantasy armor and medieval armor, if fabricated properly they should be just as efficient.

Larp Gothic Armor

Larp Gothic Armor

You must be careful for backyard armories selling their works to unsuspecting warriors, mind you that most are great but some just should not be selling. The up and coming armourer does not know about the subtleties of armor fabrication and basic human anatomy. Some make major safety mistakes that could unnecessarily bruise or in some cases injure the wearer.  Common mistakes it the chest with and length, having a too wide chest prevents arm movement. A armor that is too long will raise up on you when you crunch down, this forces the armor upwards hitting you under the chin.  But the major problem with homemade armor is the edges, they must be rounded or rolled to prevent injury to others and to weapons.  You can also use leather to create a soft edge or tape in extreme cases.

What armor should you buy?

Now this is the important part.  Before purchasing any armor one must evaluate his fighting style, his attire(padding etc), his tolerance to heat and endurance and most importantly your budget.  When we first approach a client we ask questions about his fighting style, the types of weapons he will use, will it be used for any type of environment or just for the front lines.  Please remember that larps are much different than real battle, use a well ventilated helmet with sufficient vision.

Dark Warrior Armor

Dark Warrior Armor

Weapon style will influence the type or armor.  For instance if one is to use a two handed weapon you would need a chest plate that clings to the body with minimal distance on the chest plate between the arms.  To measure the distance, extend your arms in front of you, palm to palm, then measure the distance between your arms.  The average is usually around 9 inches, this may seem small but trust me you will thank me if you fight two handed style. The length of the chest plate should not be more than 2 inches below your belly button, this allows the body to bend forward with ease, any longer and it will move up on you. You should not purchase pauldrons with sword breakers, doing so might result in head trauma. You could get away with light to medium armor but complete arms are necessary, since holding a shield is quite impossible this is your only means of defense.

Fighting shield and sword style requires a more complete armor with a slightly larger chest plate for minimal exposure. The shield arm can have a smaller pauldron than the sword arm and a sword breaker is suggested. Since you will be most probably on the front lines this is usually the bulkiest armor to wear, you should be wearing field plate armor. Because of its bulky nature it is not ideal for hit and run situations or for forest encounters. There will be a resistance in movement and expect extreme dehydration.

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