Why do some people say that archers are scum, the weak. Are they people who are afraid to get dirty or just afraid to fight like some say or are they the saviors. I believe they are the strong, the wise and definitely very important to any army.  They can decimate any rank, they are used to scare and separate the troops by drawing them out and separating the forces.  Although the fear factor is not the same as in the middle ages, today the fear is more hit points…but the goal is the same. Archers are now the elite, skirmishers or part of the deep infantry.

Larp Fiberglass Horsebow

Larp Fiberglass Horsebow

Be careful what bows you bring to a live action role play event, they must follow all the safety measures implemented by your favorite event.  Certain Larp bows are constructed with safety in mind and come with an accredited CE worldwide certification.  These bows have a limited draw strength and come in a range styles and lengths, each one with their own specific use.

The Short Bow

The Larp short bow is a short range weapon perfect for the woodsman or the skirmisher.  Perfect because of its length it allows the archer to duck down and remain partially camouflaged while retaining firing capability. A perfect weapon for ambushing or used to outflank the troops.

The Medium Bow

The Larp medium bow is perfect as reinforcement behind the troops, used to fire over or around the army on the enemy.  This action forces the opposing army to raise the shields in defence further weakening the troops and opening a path of attack.  Seasoned archers are needed to effect proper strategies, a hail of arrows to shower the enemy never hurts.

The Long Bow

The long bow or composite bow is a long range weapon. Although in medieval times this was an efficient bow today it has major a weakness.  The piercing power behind medieval longbows are what made it a formidable weapon, the effectiveness is negated with draw strength limitations. The length prevents tight combat formations but still are a very effective weapon in the right hands.

Always be careful when using any bows, remember to inspect your weapon before each use and never use a damaged bow.

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