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Why do some people say that archers are scum, the weak. Are they people who are afraid to get dirty or just afraid to fight like some say or are they the saviors. I believe they are the strong, the wise and definitely very important to any army.  They can decimate any rank, they are […]

This article will attempt to describe to you the main difference between Latex Weapons and Foam Weapons.  Please take note that this is one mans explanation and not scientific truth.   In 2000 a buddy of mine and I using knowledge from known special effects artists developed a type of weapon never seen before in […]

Larp Leather Gauntlets

Posted: 26th February 2013 by Epic Armoury blog in Larp Leather
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New to our collection, leather gauntlets have been around since larping began.  The pretty much do the same as any other gauntlet out there but what did you expect?  Without sounding too bias to our products i just have to say that these gauntlets kick-ass!  Made from hardened leather each gauntlet is sold separately so […]

To some Larping is a children’s game where nerds and geeks gather to live out fantasies of things they cannot do in real live because they are chickens.  Well in fact those people are not that far off from the truth, live action role playing provides what the world doesn’t…absolute freedom of expression without prejudice. […]

Medieval Clothing is the most essential part of any larp costume and is often neglected. In the past Larp clothing was expensive to purchase and not everyone wanted to place good money on clothing that wears out. Well we have terrific news for you. We at Epic Armoury Canada  care about making your fantasy come […]

For those of you out there that do not know, Larp means Live action Role Playing. Larping is a kind of interactive interpretative theater in a controlled setting. A small staff follows an ever changing storyline that guide player characters along on epic journeys, twisting the scenarios till the players get to the original goal. […]