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Epic Armoury Canada was created out of a necessity…

We started the L.A.R.P. Company in the summer of 2007 but we found that we could not accelerate at a pace needed to perform well or become the event we want to due to budget restraints. We realized that other revenues would be needed to help us, thus we decided to import a line of latex weaponry suitable to our style of role playing and sustain our L.A.R.P. Company’s needs. We wanted an extremely tough line of weapons that would be durable enough to withstand real blows on real armor and we feel that we have found what we needed and we wish now to share it with you the customer. Tough, light and reliable, these latex weapons will be the perfect weapon for any wandering soldier looking for a good battle.


Larping in Quebec

So far we have tested our line of latex weapons without incidents or unwarranted abrasions. This does not mean that they are impervious to everything, but with normal play our line should last you several years. Since we are an import company we cannot design or create any new or personalized weapons but with our line of L.A.R.P. armor we can. Epic Armoury Weapons offer high quality handmade latex weapons for re-enactment or L.A.R.P.( Live Action Role Playing) events. Our line of Latex Weapons are imported from Europe and meet the strictest L.A.R.P. standards and personally approved by many other L.A.R.P companies across the U.S. and Europe. Now we intend to introduce this line of weaponry to Canadians.

In the past several years we have witnessed a growth in the industry, spanning from anime, Comicon events and medieval recreations to the post apocalyptic horror scenarios. All themes merge together symbiotically, mixing one passion and spawning another. Our lines cater mostly to the medieval side but with a little imagination one can transform his/her wardrobe and weapons into the style of their choice. Stores that carry our line of products are stores that serve the fantasy horror comic book characters or the heroic classic monster killer types such as Vanhelsing or Beowulf.

A Little Background…

Patrick Penning began his passion while playing Dungeons and Dragons. His Character was a Dwarf who refused to be told that he cannot make armor and must become an apprentice to a master smith to do so. He and his character did not find this appealing and was too time consuming and so Patrick set forth to prove the Dungeon Master wrong by producing real pieces of armor for the next game. Needless to say that he succeeded and so a new career began as a fantasy armor and accessories supplier. He kept his company as a part time work and hobby for close to 15 years before selling it in 2009. Within those years he has works as a carpenter, graphic artist, and prop designer for most of the medieval stores across Québec.

Pierre Gagné is a medieval enthusiast whose passion began over 10 years ago while attending an event with his son. He soon became enthralled by the spectacle of larp life and joined several Larp events as an organizer/owner throughout the years. He is an accomplished sculptor whose talents are expressed through his beautiful works of art. His knowledge in warehouse management and larp events are essential. Unable to find a larp that suited their needs, they started their own larp. From 2009-2012 they entertained at events 5 times a year catering to the needs of clients who shared their passion. However this passion required materials, equipment that the events revenue could not generate at first, so to supplement their income they started and import business together. This soon became a bigger they both imagined and now they are partners in a line of work that is more a passion than a job.

The birth of Epic Armoury Canada was a pure coincidence and timing, from the selling of the armoury for Patrick in 2009 to the early retirement for Pierre in 2010 this juncture in their lives could not be better planned. The global appreciation for fine larp gear at affordable prices is here and they hope to be able to support and supply you, the store, for years to come. Now they offer their talents, experience and knowledge of role playing and larping to you.

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